MadeinTYO: Moshing, Crowdsurfing, Skyping: Live in Copenhagen, DK

An 2017 XXL-freshman MadeinTYO visited Copenhagen in the first week of April as a part of promotional tour for his debut album called ‘Sincerely, Tokyo’.

Pumpehuset was not very crowded when I originally arrived, mostly because the show started quite early. Two local acts were announced to support for MadeinTYO, however due to health problems with one of the rappers, we only had opportunity to see one of them.

Baby Bino

Baby Bino

Baby Bino is a young Copenhagen based rapper, and together with few guest appearances, he secured 40 minutes of the show to entertain the fans who showed up early in the venue. Baby Bino delivered, I need to admit – he managed to warm up the crowd, with the majority of the people dancing and jumping together with the Danish rapper.

MADEINTYO 190402-8.jpg

After a short break, the first beats were provided by the DJ to shortly introduce the main star of the evening. Madeintyo  entered the stage in almost complete darkness, slowly coming out of the shadow, mostly lit by the lights coming from the fans phones. MadeinTYO started strong and did not stop for a minute, performing through the whole show, song after song and making fans going crazy. The audience experience had everything – mosh pit, crowdsurfing and fans calling their friends on Skype to share the experience with less lucky ones who did not manage to get in to the show.

The biggest applause, what was not a surprise, was caused by one of the biggest hits of the rapper from Atlanta – ‘Uber Everywhere’. The first beats of the song were like an ignition for everyone in the club go bounce. It was an epic sight to see this mass of the fans jumping to the same rhythm together with their beloved star.



MadeinTYO, despite his small size, showed that he is planning to become one of the biggest names. The show and the attitude he presents separates him from most of the modern rappers – I have not seen anyone else that easily making the people dance together with the performer. It was a very cool performance and definitely I will keep my eyes on what will come next from MadeinTYO.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski