The Kooks: Live in Nashville, TN

Photo by Alexandra Cole Photography

The Kooks

Live in Nashville, TN

Stepping into Cannery Ballroom for The Kooks and Barnes Courtney was like traveling back in time. The British artists brought a wave of nostalgia-evoking energy to the crowd, as we jammed out to alternative rock favorites from our angsty teenage years. The Kooks gave us a chance to be 17 again - and we answered that call. 

Barnes Courtney had the older crowd head banging and fist pumping their way back to their teenage years, and the audience was loving it. With 90s hard rock influences, this British blues-rock artist had us all star struck with his new single, “99”. 

Barns Courtney joins the crowd by Alexandra Cole Photography

The crowd was buzzing with anticipation between the opener and the main act. The Kooks took the stage with weightless positivity as they opened with “Tesco Disco”, a smash hit off their recent record, Let’s Go Sunshine. I couldn’t help but happily bop along to the pleasant tunes and reminisce on the countless times I’ve listened to them. When the band started playing their 2006 classic, “She Moves in Her Own Way”, cameras across the crowd immediately went up to capture the famous chorus. Lead singer Luke Pritchard wooed the crowd with his sweet emotions and angsty vibes during “Seaside”, another crowd favorite from the 2000s. 

The Kooks by Alexandra Cole Photography

And finally, my favorite song came on - a moment of resurging memories and synesthesia overtook me. Pritchard’s velveteen voice paired with Harris’ sweet guitar strums set the stage for “Junk of the Heart (Happy)”, from their 2011 album Junk of the Heart.  I was immediately transported back to being a 16 year old, driving down Pacific Coast Highway in a 2004 Honda Accord blasting the famous tune. I couldn’t help but beam in awe, and looking around the crowd, I saw the same blissful expression painted on many faces. 

The Kooks ended the night with an encore of “Naive”, one of their most popular songs from their 2006 album, Inside In/Inside Out. The crowd cheered as the lights dimmed, and the indie rock band bid farewell to Nashville.

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Review by May El-Harazy